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About The Cornell Office for Research on Evaluation (CORE)

The Cornell Office for Research on Evaluation (CORE) was formalized in 2008 as the organizational framework for the research on evaluation conducted under the leadership of Professor William Trochim.

CORE is currently involved in researching the development and testing of "systems evaluation" methods, measures, tools and systems. What we are really trying to do is integrate evaluation into the system of how people actually think about their work so that evaluation almost disappears. Evaluation becomes so much a part of program management and planning that educators don't think of evaluation as something that is imposed on them, but it becomes part of the evolutionary learning mechanism that is needed so their program is not driving blind.

This website is maintained and managed by the Cornell Office for Research on Evaluation. For further information about this website or evaluation at Cornell, contact:

William M. Trochim
Professor, Policy Analysis & Management
Director of Evaluation for Extension & Outreach
Mailing address: 435 Kennedy Hall

Ithaca, NY 14853
607-255-1150 fax